Side stage exit … cameo role to follow

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February 14, 2014 by Sarah B

2013 was a great year for Small to TALL. The last few months were fabulous, we had done markets, we had ramped up our customer base, we had new suppliers on the radar and our baby was growing.  Growing strong, better than I could have imagined at the beginning of 2013.

Sarah manning the Small to TALL stall at Mathilda's Market, Sydney

Sarah manning the Small to TALL stall at Mathilda’s Market, Sydney

2013 was a very very hectic year in our home, and just as I was finding my groove and thinking I can do anything my “real” job ramped up considerably. I battled on but after a lovely long break at Christmas from the “real” job and the routine of everyday life I realised I need to de-clutter!  The problem with that was the “real” job pays the bills (the big ones), and the kids have to go to school, so that bit of rushing around was unavoidable.

The only other thing that was a pressure was Small to TALL. I was devastated when I clicked that my 3rd baby was adding to the anxiety and making me freak out slightly.

It was a hard decision but on January 21st I called one of my closest friends, and my business partner and told her I needed to resign. I hung up, had a quick weep and somehow felt slightly relieved. Part of me is sad, but I am so SO proud of our achievements. Mostly my excitement for Small to TALL outweighs the little bit of sadness as I know my amazing friend, Sophs, will grow this amazing business to great heights and I will be standing back applauding her (with 2 kids dressed by Small to TALL).

So I am making a side stage exit but Small to TALL will continue to be busy #stylingyourkids and seeking out amazing collections with a story behind them.

Thanks to you all who have supported my mini dream and my friend and I over the past few years. Looking forward to seeing Ms Soph’s and Small to TALL’s name in lights.




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